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IRCTC/Indian Railways: A single woman never gets a seat between two men, what is the reason

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IRCTC Special Feature For Women Due to the Corona epidemic in the country, there has been a shortage in the operation of trains. In such a situation, there are times when you travel in the train, almost your entire compartment is empty. Or, despite having so few passengers, special attention is given to the women’s seat.

Traveling by railways is easy for men in the country but convenience for women is based on place and time. In such a situation, if you are a female solo traveler, then you will be given the best facility by IRCTC. With the help of this, women and girls can roam across the country without any fear. Let us tell you that IRCTC never book tickets for any woman between two men.

You can feel free to book tickets from IRCTC if you have to travel by train alone. Because IRCTC gives special attention to single women during their journey.

Let us tell you that if a woman books a ticket from IRCTC, then she is given a seat at a place where another woman’s seat is booked because IRCTC does not give ticket to any single woman between two men. Because women can feel uncomfortable in such a situation.

Let us tell you that IRCTC is going to bring a new ticket booking system soon. After its arrival, customers can be asked for Aadhaar card, PAN work or passport information at the time of ticket booking. Let us tell you that IRCTC is currently working in this direction. The new ticket booking system will be launched once the work is completed.


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