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The Seine on Show Cheval Blanc Paris now open to guests

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Overlooking the Seine, in the heart of the capital,
Cheval Blanc Paris opens the doors of its urban haven today.
Contemporary, it embodies the French 
art de vivre:
epicurean pleasures, hospitality for family and friends.

The Maisons Cheval Blanc collection debuted its first city house, Cheval Blanc Paris, in the heart of the Group’s birthplace, Paris. In the background, the Seine is flowing.

An iconic Art Deco structure and a way of life on the riverbank, where the essential essence and spirit of Paris — historical grandeur and modern effervescence — collide, all within walking distance.

Cheval Blanc Paris generates a culture of convivial elegance in Paris that Parisians adore. And he welcomes you in, inviting you to stay and do as you wish.

A City Resort

Cheval Blanc Paris is more than simply an address; it’s a venue dedicated to authentic Epicurean harmony. One that appeals to the senses and wins them over, suspending time to create lasting memories. Always choose moments that are both tailored and private.

There are 72 rooms and suites available, as well as the genuine taste of diversified gastronomic cuisine. It’s a wonderful privilege to have a wide terrace with panoramic views of Paris on the horizon.

With a large swimming pool and a Dior spa that offers a variety of exclusive treatments, this hotel is a haven of bliss. The Carrousel, which is specifically created for children, is a safe haven.

The Seine on Show Cheval Blanc Paris now open to guests

Cheval Blanc Paris’ ethos: the art of hospitality, inspiration, accompaniment, and discretion

Cheval Blanc Paris is a highly-skilled workforce that is constantly striving for excellence. With a propensity for the spontaneous initiative, they are masters of elegance and sophistication who naturally exceed expectations.

Visionaries, artists, and Maison colleagues like Peter Marino and Arnaud Donckele, to name a few, have mastered the skill of pure sensitivity and discernment. Your oyster is Paris. And it’s a classic form of existence.

Gastronomy: Savouring every minute

Gastronomy, which is at the core of Cheval Blanc Paris, sets the tone for the day and night as a hallmark of conviviality. The first-floor gastronomy restaurant Plénitude, which is run by Arnaud Donckele, who is also the chef of Cheval Blanc St-Vague Tropez’s d’Or, spins time on its head. With a palate of outstanding delicious delicacies, the experience of subtle flavors will be one you will remember for a long time.

The contemporary brasserie Le Tout-Paris, located on the 7th floor, adjacent to the 650m2 patio – real paradise on earth — revives the traditional pleasures of a meal at any time of day. The Table de Partage encourages you to savor, taste, and discover exceptional cuisine in the privacy of your own home with family and friends.

Décor: Living Perfection

This is the place to be if you want to have a good time in every sense of the term. Cheval Blanc Paris was designed by Peter Marino as a Paris Residence, a one-of-a-kind living area.

Each of his options satisfies a requirement for know-how in the creation of a distinct persona. Monumental Masons and stonemasons, gilders, stonecutters, and metalworkers have all contributed as masters of their art and guarantors of long-lasting French craftsmanship.

The archetypal urban resort, Cheval Blanc Paris. Where you settle down and feel entirely at ease.

Architecture: The Seine on Show

Cheval Blanc Paris, housed in a historic building, honors and continues the heritage of Henri Sauvage’s Art Deco masterpiece from 1928. A contemporary dimension has been added to a window that looks out onto the Seine by architect Édouard François. Four priorities have been adhered to in order to achieve this: The first is the view, which will be created through the bay windows on the façade, which will provide an immersive panorama with a breathtaking perspective of the horizon from the 650m2 manicured terrace.

With only 72 rooms and suites, the second is space, which is a true luxury in any city if there ever was one. The unique residence, with its own pool, spa, and elevator, has remarkable interior areas of up to 1000m2, with two connecting suites of 350m2 and 650m2. The third feature is harmonic perspectives, which make it easier to enter and exit. The fourth goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages visitors to linger.

Art of Living: The personal touch

Cheval Blanc Paris develops a distinct way of living based on established expertise from its other Maisons. Consideration and spontaneity in attending to visitors’ requests in order to anticipate and respond to their needs, wishes, and aspirations. Fulfilling their dreams and surprising them with a perfectly warmed baguette, a bath at the appropriate temperature, an astonishing game for the kids, a private museum, or an unplanned boat ride along the Seine

When it comes to serving the demands of family and friends, the creative talents of the Alchemists team, in particular, have no limitations, reinventing refinement à la française. The watchwords here are close comprehension and consideration. Always.

The spirit of Art

A way of life dedicated to art. And, beyond the pieces of art, provide an experience: Cheval Blanc has always strived to improve its visitors’ visual perception. As a result, it’s only logical for the Parisian Maison to continue this project.

It’s neither a museum nor a gallery: the works are displayed in a living and dynamic manner, with Sonia Delaunay paintings rubbing shoulders with Claude Lalanne sculptures, Philippe Anthonioz sculptures, Vik Muniz canvases, and Laurence Montano pieces, to mention a few. The aesthetic is a portal open wide on to the universe of artistic creativity as a whole, among Modernist and contemporary avant-garde treasures.

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